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The TLW will send out alerts to members to take action on particular legislation. This is critical for the Tavern League's voice to be heard. Contacting your legislators is easy and you can either email, call or write a letter. The legislative action alerts that we send out will walk you through who your legislators are, what the issue is and help you formulate a letter.




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Recent Statewide and National News:


- California .05 Proposal

- WI Department of Revenue Fact Sheet 3111-3112

-WI DOR Private Event Fact Sheet

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June 3, 2019: Syble Hopp Bay Beach Day

-WI Legislative Day- Why Attend?

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MAY 2019: National Tavern Month

July 15, 2019: Brown  County Tavern League Golf Outing

2019 Brown County Tavern league Golf Outing