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Meet our Board of Directors

Brown County Tavern League of Green Bay, WI, works toward meeting all the specific requirements of bars and taverns. Locally owned and operated we have been in business for over 50 years.

Vice President                      Larry Rand (Royal Scot Golf Course)            

Secretary                            Terri Vande Hei  (Roundabout)                    

Treasurer                            Paul Koehn (Pauly G’s)                              

Brown County Tavern League Board Directors


Andy Calhoun                     (Old School)

Ben Brunette                      (Watering Hole)

John Steeno                       (Stadium View)

Laurie Biersteker                 (The Next Stop)


Amy Gustafson                  (Roundabout)

Kim Glover                        (The Job Site, Packer Stadium Lounge)

Ray Hoffman                     (Old No. 7)

Member of Tavern League of Wisconsin

Dee Dee Klug                     (R & D's House Divided)

Marsha Hemb                     (Robyn's Nest)

Kim Glover                         (Job Site)

Rob Heinritz                       (XS Nightclub)


President                             Don Mjelde  (Richard Craniums )                

Past President                      Sue Robinson (Bourbon Street )