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Brown County Tavern League is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to serving the needs of all bars and taverns throughout Brown County Wisconsin. We have been proudly serving our clients for over 50 years.


We are a branch of the Tavern League of Wisconsin and the American Beverage Licenses which is our National Organization.


The Tavern League and its members believe in giving you a fun and safe place to meet with friends and family while being responsible servers and contributing members of the community.

As a locally owned and operated organization, we act as a hub of services that are not available to individuals. Our team helps with legislative and government relations, legal information, and continuing education for all of our members.


Tavern League is very powerful at the local, state, & federal levels of government.


A few perks of being a member include our SafeRide program, The Notification Tree, and discounts on insurance, equipment, services, and more.

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To join us, call one of our legal officers to assist you or go to to register online. Our fee is only $150 a year to belong to all 3 branches of our organization.

The streamlining of enforcement of video gambling laws stands as one of the Tavern League of Wisconsin's biggest accomplishments. In an effort to provide a statewide uniform enforcement of video gambling laws, the Legislature and Governor Doyle agreed with TLW in supporting a bill to consolidate enforcement within the Department of Revenue, which already regulates the beverage licensed industry in Wisconsin. The result is a clear statewide standard easy for all licenses to follow instead of a patchwork of local ordinances regulating video amusement devices. The change moved enforcement from local, county and Department of Justice and placed in within the DOR. Only agents from the DOR have the statutory authority to enforce the existing state laws relating to Chapter 945.

Streamline Video Enforcement

TLW Leads Charge to Lower Penalties

Video gaming penalties - The New Law

Fairness Wins Out for Tavern Owners

The TLW successfully lobbied the Legislature to reduce penalties for operating certain video gaming machines. Through the grassroots lobbying effort of the TLW, the Legislature passed legislation that provides reasonable penalties for the possession of 5 or fewer video gaming devices on the premise of a Class "B" retailer.


The following is a side-by-side comparison of the old law vs the new law for persons convicted of operating an illegal gambling devie. The law can be found in the Wisconsin Statutes at 945.03 (2m) & 945.04 (2m).



Class E Felony

Maximum $10,000 fine

Maximum 2 years in prison

Loss of Liqour License

Civil Forfeiture

Maximum $500 fine per machine - up to 5 machines

No jail time

Cannot lose Liquor License

Here are some of our recent successes

Without question, the biggest accomplishment of the Tavern League of Wisconsin is securing third party civil liability exemption; better known as Dram Shop Liability Insurance. Forty-four states require servers of alcohol to carry Dram Shop Liability Insurance which can range from $8,000-$20,000 a year for a small Mom and Pop establishment - if an insurance company will even underwrite a policy for a small tavern.

The Tavern League of Wisconsin, along with its national association, American Beverage Licenses (ABL) fought to permanently repeal the Special Occupational Tax (SOT). This was an annual fee of $250 you were required to pay because you were a retailer of beer and/or liquor. This tax had been with us since the Civil War.

Civil Liability Exemption (Dram Shop)

SOT Eliminated

In Wisconsin roadside sobriety checkpoints (roadblocks are not legal). The TLW lobbied against legislation to permit the use of roadblocks. The TLW supports programs like SafeRide and effective enforcement measures targeting high BAC offenders and repear offenders.

TLW Defeats Roadblocks

The TLW was successful in defeating legislation which would have significantly altered the state quota law and caused a dramatic drop in the value of existing license holders in the state. The proposal would have permitted municipalities to issue virtually unlimited liquor licenses to restaurants in communities which had reached their license quota, thereby debaluing existing license holders in the community. The TLW defeated the bill protecting the investments of our members.

TLW Prevents Unlimited Expansion of Liquor Licenses

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